Apply Or Not Apply, All I Hear Are Crickets

The bold approach to being unHRable is to leave the labor force entirely. It is a selfless act above all selfless acts. For starters, the unemployment rate of the country as a whole will go down as those that exit that labor market are not tabulated in the unemployment rate. Next, I would be doing my friends a favor by sparing them from my mindless talks about how the system is rigged, how there are no jobs, and how ‘we don’t win anymore.’ This moratorium on complaining pairs perfectly with the realization that I’m beginning to sound like the love child of the socialist Bernie Sanders and the vile Donald Trump.

Interestingly, when I did apply for jobs, I received the same reply from the majority of my applications- nothing. Now, when I hint that I want to start my own business and solicit friends and family for support, I get the same reaction- nothing.

Apply or not apply, all I hear are crickets.

Is anyone out there? Can you hear me?