Why Recruiting Needs to be Outsourced

Why, and how, does the 20-something year-old, severely inexperienced psychology/liberal arts major from some unknown undergraduate institution become responsible for assessing talent?

How many times have you been rejected after submitting a job application only because the “Talent Team” decided to move forward with other candidates after reviewing your resume, although they found your qualifications to be impressive?  Well, if they were impressive, then couldn’t you at least give me 10 minutes on the phone?  I mean, that’s how long I spent filling your stupid online application which doesn’t even maintain the format of my fucking resume.  Which leads me to believe that a software program is responsible for assessing talent.


Hey CEOs of Corporate America, need to save some fucking money?  Why don’t you outsource your entire HR department, including the “Talent Team”.  I guarantee if you hire someone qualified to assess talent, instead of some dipshit who doesn’t even understand the job description, and who isn’t even qualified to answer any technical questions about the fucking job during a waste-of-time HR phone screening, not only will you save money, but you’ll be hiring talented individuals to keep your company from going down.