When Did ‘Hip’ Become Professional?

Why are Hipsters even taken seriously? What happened to the generations before them?

Hipsters are praised by their Baby Boomer superiors for being so hip and tech savvy, but rarely demonstrate resourcefulness and efficiency, and instead focus more on what’s entitled to them and delegating/calling the shots rather than working.

I recently interviewed with a small company for a Sales Operations Manager.  At this company, beer is accessible at any time.  Really? And you can wear what you want, including yoga pants – so professional.

So it’s fit and professional to want to indulge in judgement-impairing alcohol consumption during business hours as long as you can get your shit done? Really? Then why do we get drug tested? Let’s just legalize weed then and have bong stations set-up at every cubicle. When was it “professional” to have a mo-hawk?  Purple hair?  The shaggy pot-head look?  Ridiculous tattoos and disgusting piercings? It boggles my mind that the hipster is taken seriously given that they have zero experience, resourcefulness and know-how. OMG, wait, they know how to use Twitter.  Duh.  You’re hired!!!

But guess who wasn’t?