You Reject Me? No, I Reject You!

Another day, another rejection. This time I thought I’d reply to make myself feel better instead of eating a tub of ice cream.

Let’s begin with their boilerplate bullshit: 

Thanks for your interest in…

We have reviewed your resume and appreciate your experience and skills. At this time we have decided to continue our search for the right candidateAgain, thank you for your interest in the position. We wish you all the best in your job seeking endeavor.

Here’s my response: 

Why can’t these rejections be more helpful? What part of my ‘skills and expertise’ were deficient? The multiple graduate degrees? The international experience? The corporate experience? 
There really needs to be a more constructive way of sending rejections than this boilerplate method. At least make it a learning experience so candidates know where they stand.  
Anyone ever reply like this a rejection? If so, did you receive a response?